3 Lessons Learned & Turning Two

June 6, 2018

Two years ago, I decided to jump back into the blogging world and launched Sincerely Shanti (see my first post here).  While sometimes it feels like just yesterday and others a lifetime I’m so grateful to have created a platform where I could share my ideas and thoughts with all of you.  Honestly, I never could have imagined that Sincerely Shanti would grow into what it is today and the brands I’ve partnered with thus far.

Thank you, everyone, for your continuous support. Whether from day 1 or even right now for the very first time it truly means the world to me! As we commemorate this milestone, I’m answering the question I’m asked most, which is what advice I would give to someone starting out. So, here’s 3 lessons I’ve learned along the way.

#1 – Progress, not Perfection.

Pursuing a passion project of any kind requires a lot of time and energy. Blogging is no different. Behind the pretty websites and curated Instagram feeds lie countless hours of planning, conceptualizing, writing, taking photos/videos, editing, and promotion.  The world wasn’t created in a day and neither will your business, blog, or whatever you’re working on and that’s ok. When I first started I knew nothing about using WordPress and used to shoot my photos on an iPhone 5s. Over the past two years, I’ve learned much more and focus on how I can continuously better my craft to produce higher quality content.  What that looked like day to day was watching webinars, attending workshops/conferences, and investing in better camera equipment.  So, don’t worry about being perfect and enjoy watching your growth.

#2 – Opt into Community

Supporting another’s vision will never dampen your own so embrace collaboration and find your tribe. Without seeking help from groups about blogging on Facebook, connecting at meetups, and reaching out to friends with similar goals I would not be where I’m at today. For example, back when I lived in Miami my friend Jenn who focuses on health/wellness and I used to meet up to shoot each other’s photos. Although shooting in the exact same locations, we were never in competition because at the end of the day we have different styles and demographics. If you’ve looked on Instagram lately and have seen a lot of your favorite influencers promoting the same product it shows there’s a seat at the table for everyone.

#3 – Be Authentic & Focus

To tie everything together, my last piece of advice would be to remain genuine and focus on your own journey. Getting discouraged is easy when you start comparing yourself/brand to others. Good things take time, so focus on being the best version of you each day.  Personally, that meant no longer agreeing to every brand collab and straying away from just doing it for the gram.  By learning to say no and becoming more selective about what I post and who I partner with it allows me to connect with you more and let’s be honest keeps me sane.

Cheers to a new chapter & see you back soon!

xo Sincerely Shanti

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  • Reply Jennifer Ortakales June 7, 2018 at 12:54 am

    Yes, progress over perfection! ??

    Your blog is so lovely! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m looking forward to reading more and for what you have to come! ?

  • Reply Damilola Okuboyejo June 7, 2018 at 11:05 am

    Congrats on TWO girl!!!!

  • Reply Lisa McGainey June 7, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    Happy 2 Years!!! Congratulations! Your site is beautiful!

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