What my $1200 NYC apartment looks like

January 21, 2018

 It’s officially been two months since I moved into my cute little NYC apartment and honestly, sometimes I still can’t believe it! So to celebrate I’m sharing how I snagged my studio and what it looks like.

Finding my NYC Apartment

Apartment shopping in New York is like a full-time job on its own. Luckily, I had a bit of time on my hands but the process was still long and tedious. There are numerous resources out there to help search for an apartment, roommate, or both. Some I used to help me were:

Roommate Matching apps/websites/groups –  Roomi, Perfect Strangers of NYC, Gypsy Housing (there are multiple join them all!) & Dreamers//Doers: Housing

Apartment Rental Sites – Street Easy,, Hot Pads, etc.

Brokerages – Compass, Citi Habitats


From my experience with all of these, my top 2 would be going with a Brokerage and/or Roommate Matching services. Why? They all have updated listings and if you opt for a roommate you’ll have a better idea of who that may be thanks to social media.

There were so many times I’d inquire about a place on the typical rental sites or Craigslist to find out it had been rented a while ago or even better a scam.  I received a number of responses from “owners” who share some crazy story as to why they rent it inexpensively and demand payment prior to even seeing the place. Be cautious, if a place looks too good to be true (like a $1200 1/1 in Midtown) it probably is. However, if you wish to take a look at any rental site I would recommend Street Easy.

Roommate Matching vs. Brokerage

Although I never wanted to room with anyone my original plan in order to just leave Miami was to have roommates for the first year and figure it out after that. So I joined many apps, Facebook groups, and websites to find potential roommates.  Why didn’t this plan work?  Two reasons, one being the rooms ranging from $750-$1100 were all smaller than my kitchen alone. Second, I’d have to share this already small space with 2 or more people with 1 bathroom. Add Mobil into the mix and all I could think was it would be a recipe for disaster.

So after several failed attempts at the roommate thing due to losing apartments I reached out to Compass – a brokerage about where I live now.  A lot of people will say not to go through a brokerage due to having to pay a Broker Fee (typically an additional month’s rent) on top of your first/last/security deposit. However, they may have some No-Fee listings available which happened in my case.  Honestly, I wish I had gone through them from the start as they made the whole process so seamless and worked to get me moved into my place as soon as possible. Without further ado here’s a look inside my studio.

Want me to dive a little deeper into the world of NYC Apartment searching? Drop a comment, e-mail, or let me know on Instagram and I’ll do a live session to share some more stories and answer any questions you may have. Until next time…

xo Sincerely Shanti

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  • Reply Nic F. January 21, 2018 at 10:36 pm

    Cute space and nice read!?

  • Reply AmaniRakeia January 22, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    Loveeeeee your space! It’s My dream to live in NYC once I graduate in May (especially on my own) so this was super insightful. I really really needed this! Thank you girly! Keep up with the Blog. I’m loving it.♥️

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