Miami to Manhattan: Moving to NYC

November 28, 2017

Long time no see! It’s been a crazy few weeks since my last post but I’ve finally accomplished my goal of moving to New York.  Honestly, even though I’ve been here for a little over half a month it still feels so surreal.  If you follow me on Instagram/Facebook you know getting here involved many flights back & forth for various interviews and then packing up everything in a week once landing the role I’m in now.

Why the move?

You’ve got to leave the nest at some point right? But most importantly I found myself unchallenged professionally and wanting more.  After producing some of Miami’s best events each year and receiving numerous promotions I reached my max potential. To get past this roadblock I knew it either involved me moving to New York or Los Angeles. If it doesn’t work out at least I could say I tried instead of always wondering what if?

Why New York over L.A.?

Every time I used to visit NYC whether for leisure or business I would feel so sad leaving and anxious to book a trip back. Although I visit L.A. every year  I could never imagine actually moving there. The only difference between Miami & there are the mountains/hills and year-round cold beaches.  In New York, there’s always so much happening all the time wherein L.A. & Miami it fluctuates based on what major city events are occurring. Plus I’m looking forward to all the different pieces I get to add to my wardrobe.

Super excited to share my new adventures with you and see you back next time!

xo Sincerely Shanti

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  • Reply Jorden January 13, 2018 at 10:35 pm

    I moved up here from Miami two years ago and it’s still so surreal! Welcome!

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