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August 2016


A Labor Daycation

August 31, 2016

Summer ’16 you’ve had an amazing run but with all good things must come to an end.  In reality, this means nothing to us in South Florida except being most people’s last 3-day weekend of the year; the rest of the world is trading back in their swimsuits & sandals for layers and coats with the season’s official wrap this Monday. From previous posts you all know I’m definitely not one to pass on taking the opportunity to travel; as normally with extended weekends (whether holiday or self-created) come Friday I would be on…

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The Fit Life

August 8, 2016

Being in the events/hospitality industry there’s always the struggle of staying fit & eating right due to indulging on small bites at work or events.   While scrolling through the explore page on Instagram there was a post from the Fit Girls Guide (FGG) of a food shot one could easily mistake for a restaurant dish. While looking into it further and discovering more food shots mixed with unicorn glitter, and some major fitspo of women with unbelievable result photos this was definitely something I wanted to try.…

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